Arming the creative, media and tech industries with tools and insights to move us into a more inclusive, more innovative era.

The State of Play

The tech, media and creative industries are notoriously homogenous. They lack diversity of gender, colour, class, sexuality, ability and perspective – especially at the top. This isn’t just an ethical problem, it’s also a threat to the progress we make as a generation. Because without diversity of perspective, ideas are limited and innovation just isn’t possible.

Why the lack of diversity?

Being a minority brings about a set of issues that many aren’t equipped to deal with – unconscious bias, marginalisation, and prejudice in the workplace. Which leads great talent to opt out of the industry prematurely.

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For the good of culture and creativity, the industry and the individual, we’re Rare.

Rare is not for profit. All proceeds from our programs are channelled into activity to support diversity, such as paid internships, grants, and research.

Our core offering

Rare Masterclass

A leadership masterclass for underrepresented creatives, designed to equip them with the tools, network and knowledge they need to thrive today and lead tomorrow.

Rare Exec

A corporate clinic designed to equip business leaders with the business case, insights and tools to drive – and benefit from – a more inclusive business culture.

Rare Sessions

A speaker series, run in partnership with major conferences, that explores diversity as a powerful creative advantage, and inspires the industry at large to embrace difference – their own, and that of others.

Rare speaker

Inclusive values are at the heart of everything we do

Do as we say

Unstereotype the value chain, support diverse owned businesses, transparency - we always behave how we what want others to.

Use our resources wisely

Manage ourselves, our resources, our access, and our networks ethically, responsibly, sustainably and with accountability.

Accessible and meaningful by design

Whatever we create leaves a positive impact on the world driving culture and creativity forward and can be enjoyed by everyone, down to the pencil.

Pause, connect and reflect

Create positive moments for our speakers and our communities to celebrate the moments and milestones of progress in accessible ways.

Create change where it’s needed most

We will Inspire, inform, and drive change and collaborate with integrity and knowledge to build the right programme going where it is needed most. We focus on the change not the fame.

Rare people are inclusive to the core

We’re passionate about I&D, understand the power of difference, empathetic always, go above and beyond to keep safe and support. Not just our core team - our advisors, our suppliers, our speakers, everyone.