Training to help take you, your department, or your organisation to the next level.

Rare Exec Tokyo

9-10 July

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A one-day corporate clinic, designed to give Tokyo’s most influential creative and brand leaders the tools they need to drive – and benefit from – a more diverse, more inclusive corporate culture.

Developed in partnership with leading culture change consultancy, Utopia, as well as renowned academic and EMBA facilitator, Professor David Slocum, the program brings together inspiring case studies, along with pragmatic solutions, and leading-edge research to ensure all in attendance leave with a personalised action plan to drive change within their own organisation.


Helping to drive diversity and inclusion further, faster.

Rare Access

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Often, the people who get the most exclusive access to the world’s top creative festivals and conferences, are the people who need it the least. The international judges. The local agency leaders. The heavy-hitting CMOs. They’re all at the top of their game. They’re already in.

But when you offer that kind of access to our industry’s most promising up-and-comers, it’s like adding rocket fuel to fire. World-leaders become personal friends and mentors, gold-standard campaigns become personal benchmarks, and mind-bending insights set the foundation for a bright professional future. That’s the stuff that can propel careers. So we’ve partnered with Sweetshop – and some of the world’s top creative festivals – to bring that experience to Rare talent, all over the world.


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When it comes to landing roles in prestigious creative, media and tech companies, it’s not often what you know – but who. So we’re using our using our global network of supporters to help minorities get their foot in the door.

Our listings are updated regularly. They’re designed to usher in a new, diverse generation of talent. And they’re enabling the world’s most progressive companies to benefit from fresh, unique perspectives.