05.12.2019 [TKO-19]

A one-day Leadership Accelerator for 80 unusual minds – designed to give underrepresented talent a major career advantage.

Featuring MBA-level executive training from renowned facilitator, Prof. David Slocum, and inspiring tutorials from some of the world’s top creatives, leaders and change-makers – the content will cover topics from negotiation and creative leadership,to unconscious bias, psychological safety and the power of difference.


Day 1
This is Rare - Kazuha Okuda
Introductions and identities - Prof. David Slocum
Your difference is your superpower - Tara Ford
Plot Twist - Jacquie Mullany and Camilla Clerke
Safety first - Miki Iwamura
Leadership Module One - Working and leading with difference - Prof. David Slocum
Lunch break
Represent! - Selma Nicholls
Boss says ‘yes’ - A panel for change - Kumi Tominaga, Hidekazu Kazoo Sato, Emiko Yoneda and Yasuhiko Iida
Leadership Module Two - Geared for greatest impact – and fulfilment - Prof. David Slocum
Speak up! - Laura Jordan Bambach
The power of difference - Miyuki Tanaka and Takaya Matsuda
Who says I can’t? - Nancy Bennett
Leadership Module Three - How to get what you want - Prof. David Slocum
Negotiation speed date
Creativity needs you - Tim Lindsay
Closing words - Stefanie DiGianvincenzo and Tara McKenty
Closing party


Tara Ford
Executive Creative Director
Tara Ford

Tara Ford is the Executive Creative Director at DDB, Sydney || Board Member of the Communications Council Australia.

She has experience working in some of the most creative agencies around the world, Her work has been consistently recognised throughout her career, winning her in excess of 200 awards, on a range of clients, both for creativity and effectiveness. They span across the disciplines of brand experience and activation, direct, social media, PR, integrated, print, print craft, outdoor, media, film, film craft, design and Glass (Good). Award shows include; Cannes, D&AD, Webby Awards, One Show, Spikes, British Television, Midsummer Television, Creative Circle, Kinsale, Mobius, London International and New York Festivals, Caples, Clio, Locus, ADMA, AWARD, AdNews and B&T.

This includes her GAYTM campaign for ANZ Bank which won a Cannes Grand Prix (amongst others) and was also named the 'Best Direct campaign in the World for 2014’ by the Big Won and #1 'Best of Print/Outdoor/Design for 2014’ by Creativity-online.com

Her experience ranges from cars, banks and politics to fashion, alcohol and gaming, and everything in between. Brands include PlayStation, Nike, McDonalds, Absolut, ANZ Bank and VW to name a few.

Tara has judged and chaired various award shows including Cannes, D&AD, Clios, Spikes, New York Festivals, AWARD Award (Aus), Adfest (Asia), AADC (Aus), Women in Media Awards (Aus), AdNews (Aus), Creative Circle (UK) and the Roses Awards (UK).

She has been an active mentor to young creative talent through the Cannes 'See It Be It' and young Lions Program, RMIT student program, Miami Ad School and AWARD School.

And she was a panelist at the inaugural 3% Conference Australasia.

She was also recently appointed to the board of the Communications Council of Australia.

In between all this, Tara squeezes in raising her four spirited boys and making art.

Laura Jordan Bambach
Chief Creative Officer of Grey London and Founder of SheSays
Laura Jordan Bambach

Laura Jordan Bambach has been part of the Rare journey since the beginning, as a speaker, but more importantly, in her role as Founder of SheSays – a global network providing mentorship and events for women in advertising and marketing, and one of our D&I org partners. And it’s all because she cares about creativity and the future of the industry.

“We need young diverse talent, but we also have to help that talent grow into leadership – that’s where Rare plays a unique role,” Laura says.

Through her contributions to Rare three years running, Laura has inspired Delegates with the message that “being rare means that you’re contributing to the conversation in a way that no one else can. Bringing your whole self means more groundbreaking ideas are made.

(In her interview for this magazine, Rare Delegate Natasher Beecher called Laura “one of the earliest examples of a passionate, talented and empathetic leader who doesn’t fit the usual mold, yet makes no compromise on creative integrity.”)

Laura has also witnessed how Rare has adapted to each new country that hosts an event. “The needs in London and Tokyo, for example, are so different, and through designing the program with people on the ground, it has been able to change and flex.”

And although Rare has “grown so quickly and so globally,” she says, “it remains true to the spirit of collaboration that it was founded on.”

Kumi Tominaga
Creative Technology Director
R/GA Tokyo
Creative Technology Director, R/GA Tokyo

Kumi joined the world-renowned creative agency R/GA NY headquarters in 2004 as a programmer. Her first project, NikeLab won a Cannes Cyber Lion Gold the following year.

Throughout her career, she has developed a string of award-winning websites and mobile apps for Nike, MasterCard, Nokia, Verizon and Fossil, and won a number of awards, such as Cannes Cyber Lions Gold, The One Show and Clio Awards.

In 2014 at R/GA NY, she was also a founding member of the R/GA Prototype Studio, joining an interdisciplinary team of designers, data scientists and developers. She moved back to her home country Japan in 2017 to open R/GA Tokyo.

Kumi is a strong advocate and mentor for women in technology and engineering roles, and a vocal champion for the importance of STEM subjects amongst young women.

Hidekazu Kazoo Sato
TBWA Hakuhodo
Hidekazu Kazoo Sato

Kazoo Sato started his professional career at Sony Music Entertainment as a music producer in 1997; later joining Leo Burnett Tokyo to lead creative works on various global brands.

In 2009, Kazoo joined TBWA/HAKUHODO and after four years as Executive Creative Director, Kazoo was named Chief Creative Officer, TBWA/HAKUHODO Japan.

Since joining the agency in 2009, Kazoo has helped TBWA/HAKUHODO secure awards across all major international award shows, including; Gold Cannes Lions; Clio Gold; D&AD Yellow Pencil and NY ADC Gold amongst many others.

Kazoo has also served on the jury of international and domestic awards shows across various categories including; Cannes Lions Film, Design, Digital and Activation. He was also awarded 'Creative of the Year' Medalist by the Japan Advertising Agencies Association in 2011 and Campaign Magazine Japan/Korea Creative of the Year in 2013. He has also played an essential role in the agency securing seven consecutive Campaign Creative Agency of the Year titles, more than any other Creative agency in Japan and recently winning ADFEST 2018 Agency of the Year, as well as Global ADC 98th Annual Awards 2019 Agency of the Year.

Kazoo's work has moved beyond the boundaries of advertising and he now also produces live music concerts and interactive events.

Tim Lindsay
D&AD Chairman
Tim Lindsay

“In most of the developed world, our industry is very white, very middle class, and poorly gender-balanced at senior levels. We have been talking about these issues for decades, and they have, if anything, got worse not better,” says D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay, a founding partner of Rare.

While social justice and equality are often the premise for those conversations, Tim makes a strong case for focusing on business results and creative solutions instead.

“There’s a ton of evidence that more diverse companies outperform their sector,” he says, calling a more diverse workforce “a key component in producing effective work for the multiethnic, multicultural audiences our clients engage with.”

(It’s no wonder, then, that clients have “begun to demand change with increasing insistence.”) That’s where Rare can play an important role. Tim predicts that the program will “start to generate real changes in attitude, behavior and reality” as it becomes an established part of the international creative calendar.

“Huge positive impact derives from Google’s commitment to the program over time,” he says. “Too many initiatives in our business run out of puff too quickly. And not enough of them join up, meaning that the whole is usually less than the sum of the parts.”

On a personal level, Tim’s already seen some results that are truly exciting: “Without doubt, the pride, pleasure, confidence and excitement the delegates take from the program.”

Selma Nicholls
Look Like Me
Selma Nicholls

Selma Nicholls is CEO and Founder of Looks Like Me, a talent agency that aims to redefine beauty by raising the profile of underrepresented groups in the arts, fashion and advertising world.

The name of the agency, Looks Like Me, was inspired by her three year old daughter, who questioned her own identity when she saw limited imagery of children that looked like her in the media and asked why. With a background in creating content, casting and production, Selma designed and developed tailored workshops, editorials and castings that would open the door for black and ethnic minority groups to be more visible by challenging the status quo in the world of brand communications.

Key achievements, casting advertising campaigns for #SoWhiteProject, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Warner Music ‘DIVERSIFY’ June Sarpong and passion project ‘Hero In Us All’ that care about connecting with our audiences, championing inclusivity and leading in diversity, making an extraordinary difference to advertising content - being the change we want to see!

Nancy Bennett
Two Bit Circus
Nancy Bennett

Nancy Bennett is an innovative storyteller and visionary creative who thrives at the nexus of groundbreaking technologies, cinematic storytelling, and creative design. With 20+ years of experience spanning VR, film, television, music videos, marketing, and startups, she expertly leads cross-functional teams to bring trailblazing ideas to life across physical and digital platforms. Nancy’s creative background, hands-on technical expertise, and futurist vision enable her to shape ultra-modern experiences that drive revenue growth, engage audiences by the millions, and transform the possibilities of tomorrow into the reality of today. Bennett is one of the five founding members of Two Bit Circus and has served as chief creative officer at the company. Two Bit Circus is an interdisciplinary team of artists, inventors, engineers, educators and entrepreneurs passionate about reimagining all forms of entertainment. Bennett is a recipient of the 2018 Lumiere for Best Music VR and a 2019 Sundance Institute New Frontier Lab Programs Grantee.

Emiko Yoneda
Insight Peaks, Inc
Emiko Yoneda

Emiko Yoneda is based in Tokyo, Japan. She currently runs her own business and undertakes jobs as "Insight Consultant" at Asahi Breweries, Ltd etc, after having worked at P&G for over 20 years as Insight Director, and at Konami Digital Entertainment as CMO.

By leveraging her experiences of new product introductions like Febreze and Lenor in P&G, she expertises consumer/market insight behind innovations and market expansions.

She believes Diversity is a key for innovations and runs trainings/sessions to maximize the power of Diversity in Idea generation /Design development.

She also has passions for exploring new ways of working styles to best balance/ maximize both work and life.

Miki Iwamura
Vice President, Marketing APAC & Japan
Miki Iwamura

Miki Iwamura is the Vice President of Marketing APAC & Japan for Google. She has led marketing in Japan for Google since 2007, and currently heads consumer marketing for the Asia Pacific region. She is the founder of “Womenwill,” a global initiative to support women through technology, and is also the head of Innovation Japan, an initiative promoting Japanese innovation. She was selected for the Forbes List of 55 Women with a Sense of Mission, and has taught management and marketing at universities.

Before joining Google, Miki served in Directorship and CEO positions for Internet venture companies and luxury brands. She is a graduate of the University of Tokyo and obtained her MBA from Stanford University on a Fulbright Scholarship. Her recent publications include Work Smart - Teams and Technology Expand What You Can Do (Chuokoron-Shinsha Inc.), and Think Future of Marketing (Diamond Harvard Business Review).

Camilla Clerke
Camilla Clerke

After several years studying B.Com CA, Camilla got out just in time, pursuing a career in advertising. After a number of years working on TVCs, print and radio campaigns for clients like FNB, MTN and Wimpy, she found her way into experimental and innovative through-the-line agency, HelloFCB+.

It was here her life changed forever. Exploring innovative solutions to solve business problems; like building a real-life website on a 2km cycling track for Toyota RAV4, turning a non-profit organisation into a Media Agency to feed hungry children for the PSFA, and telling people to “say it with a cactus” instead of flowers in Netflorist’s drought campaign, Camilla has won a number of awards, both locally and internationally; including Cannes Lions, Loeries, Bookmarks, Webbys, D&AD, FWA and One Show. She has also sat on the Cannes, Loeries, Dubai Lynx and Bookmarks panels.

Jacquie Mullany
VMLY&R South Africa
Jacquie Mullany

Jacquie is a writer of words, lover of ideas, and a trainer of unicorns. She began her journey as an art director, did some coding, then fell into copywriting as she moved her way TTL. In addition to having her work recognised at multiple award shows, she has also had the honour of judging a few of them as well. She is fluent in three languages, including Emoji and Giphy and has made herself at home as Executive Creative Director at VML South Africa.

Yasuhiko Iida
Marketing Director
Elly Lilly
Yasuhiko Iida

Marketing Director, Consumer Experience and Next Generation Customer Engagement Strategy, Eli Lilly Japan

Iida is based in Kobe Japan working for Eli Lilly Japan to lead creating next generation business model for the company to better serve consumers and patients by providing remarkable experiences with digital health and digital technologies beyond pills.

Before Eli Lilly, Iida had worked for P&G for 20 years, primarily in Hair Care and SK-II business. The 20 years experience includes being a part of leaders for SK-II global headquarter startup in Singapore, Business Unit Director role for Hair Care and SK-II in Japan, and CMO role for Australia and New Zealand operation

Through the entire career Iida has constantly worked with people from diverse 20-30 countries from all over the world, and has been a passionate advocator for diversity and inclusion at work places and also have been an active volunteer in relevant events hosted by ACCJ.

Miyuki Tanaka
Curator and Producer
Miyuki Tanaka

Miyuki Tanaka is a Tokyo-based curator, producer and part-time lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology, ILA. Having built her career planning exhibitions at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], and the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tanaka shifted her career to focus on projects that went beyond exhibitions and performances, she took an interest in art that defied social norms. In particular, Tanaka’s work began to develop around the theme of how disabilities could provide a new perspective of the world we live in. Some of her most exciting work since this shift include the “Prosthetic Fashion Show: Rhythm of Athletics” (2014, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, 2014); “dialogue without vision” Performing Arts Project for Japan Foundation (2016, “Disability x Performing Arts Series” KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater), “The Great Ordinary” Exhibition (2017, Borderless Art Museum NO-MA), “Dance work in progress seen with sound” (2017-, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater), “Night Cruising” Film (released in 2019), “Audio Game Center” (2017-).

Takaya Matsuda
Takaya Matsuda

After working for Orange and Partners as a planner, Takaya Matsuda founded HERALBONY Co.,Ltd. with his twin elder brother, Fumito. Their challenges to update the field of social welfare led them to be selected as ”Forbes 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN”

Prof. David Slocum
Academic Director
Prof. David Slocum

David Slocum is the Faculty Director of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership (Steinbeis University) from October 2016 until February 2019, after which he will remain on our Board of Advisors and continue to collaborate as faculty member. Slocum designs, leads, and teaches executive training programs, and is a certified executive coach, with a focus on leadership of the creative and media industries. A sociologist and historian of media, Slocum’s research and teaching have focused broadly on the transformation of film, media and communication industries, the organization and leadership of creative businesses, and the education and training of creative leaders. He also speaks regularly to academic and industry audiences on these topics. His publications, including four books, have examined a range of cultural, historical, and industry issues in media and entertainment. He is currently writing a history of creative leadership.

Slocum previously served as the director of specialized executive education programs at the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, D.C., where he designed and delivered offerings including the STAR EMBA program for individuals, like professional athletes, with strong personal brands, and the ‘On the Board’ fellows program to prepare senior women leaders for placement on corporate boards. Slocum also spent ten years at New York University, as Associate Dean at the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science and teaching in the Cinema Studies Department and the Art & Public Policy Program in the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Additionally at NYU, he served as Director of the University-wide Center for Teaching Excellence, was co-founding director of the Diversity Studies Program, operated jointly with the University of Cape Town (UCT), and coordinated the Graduate School’s global outreach and program design and development efforts. Earlier, he directed and taught in the Graduate Media Studies Program at the New School for Social Research.

Slocum was educated at the University of Michigan, Harvard University, and New York University, where he earned a Ph.D. studying sociology and media.

Tara McKenty
Co-Founder, Rare and Creative Lead
Brand Studio APAC, Google
Tara McKenty

At age four, Tara’s kindergarten teacher told her mother that Tara would grow up to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand, or the devil itself. After casting a career in politics aside, and realising red wasn’t her colour, Tara found herself in the halls of Whybin\TBWA Auckland working in advertising. It was here that she and her creative partner gained international attention by floating shares in their creative future, successfully funding themselves to Cannes. During her time at TBWA, Tara had a complete disregard for discipline and convention, she was named in Campaign Magazines Top 50 emerging talent portfolio, and submitted several entries into the pantheon of ABSOLUT work, one of which was the creation of a limited edition ABSOLUT bottle design.

Then Tara decided to swim across the ditch to Sydney where she joined Saatchi & Saatchi. It was here that Tara created a children’s book for OPSM that tested the eyesight of children, which was named by the WARC 100 in 2016 as the most effective marketing campaign in the world. Tara now finds herself at Google where she continues to disrupt the status quo, and as a consequence has won over a hundred international awards during her advertising rebellion.

Stefanie DiGianvincenzo
Co-Founder and Strategic Director
Stefanie DiGianvincenzo

A copywriter by trade, Stefanie has worked across most of Melbourne’s top advertising agencies, including Clemenger BBDO and DDB. Her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to found businesses, like Melbourne’s first copywriting agency, Apostrophe. Her love of travel has led her to work abroad – most notably, as Global Creative Lead on Nike Women, out of AKQA London. And her impatience for equality saw her co-found Rare – a side-hustle that grew into Google's global diversity and inclusion platform. Her work has been recognized at every major international award show. She’s sat on a number of award juries, including D&AD and ADC. And she speaks regularly at global conferences, from Semi Permanent to Cannes.

Kazuha Okuda
Co-Chair, Rare and Strategy Lead
Brand Studio APAC, Google
Kazuha Okuda

Kazuha joined Google in 2016 and has been leading the strategy for Brand Studio APAC, an internal creative team that develops brand communication for Google across Asia Pacific. Amongst many projects and Rare, she works on the global strategy for Women Will that helps to generate more economic opportunity for women through the power of technology. Before Google, she spent most of her career at the agency working on communication strategy global brands such as Apple, IKEA and Starbucks. and works were credited in awards in and out of Japan. An anthropology major, Kazuha has strong interest in observing and understanding the intersection of culture transcending time and geography on and off work, which led her to take on a passion project to produce a documentary film capturing Jaapnese traditional food culture.