Leadership Academy

The Rare with Google Leadership Academy is a global leadership accelerator for under-represented talent in the creative industries co-created by academics, DEI leaders and Rare with Google's community of creatives.

Through a six-week program of virtual classrooms, special guest lectures, in-group collaboration and self-directed learning, Rare is an intensive leadership primer offering tangible insights and progressive working models designed so everyone can thrive.

This program will equip you to:

• Lead with purpose, focusing on the triple bottom line
• Build a deep understanding of leadership through values and behaviors
• Lead with resilience and form a working culture where everyone can thrive
• Establish inclusive teams that work in harmony
• Lead and win pitches
• Create networks and connections that count.

Rare Leadership Academy is held across six time zones around the globe, is a fully-funded  academy that understands the combined potential of creativity and leadership to create a more equitable world. Packed full of thought leadership with tangible actions and outcomes, the program offers invaluable insights to change your perspectives and accelerate your career in-real time.

Applications for 2022 are closed.


Applications Closed

Applications are now closed for the Rare with Google Leadership Academy.


Why do we need the Rare with Google Leadership Academy?

Creative and technology departments across the country are lacking in diversity of gender, color, class, preference and perspective—especially at the top. Being a minority brings about a set of issues that many aren’t equipped to deal with, leading to great talent dropping out of the industry prematurely. Rare Leadership Academy aims to address these issues head-on and give diverse talent the tools they need to thrive in the creative, tech and media industries— so that they may go on and change the industry from within.

How much creative experience is needed?

Emerging leaders with 10-15 years in the creative industry and who are in a position to institute change in their field have the most to benefit from this program.

What do we mean by the ‘creative industry’?

Commercial industries, specifically; marketing, advertising, creative technology, startups, design, animation, filmmaking, copywriting—the list goes on! Rare with Google is not specific to any one industry, but it does touch on themes that affect this industry specifically. If you are unsure whether or not your experience fits into the industry, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

What is the time commitment?

The program runs for six weeks with one sessions per week, followed by a graduation ceremony. Each session is three hours long.